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- Sick and tired of your current host?
- Are you unhappy with your current hosting provider’s support service?
- Does your website experience regular downtime?
- Do you think you could do more with your website, but your host doesn’t provide the capabilities?
- Are you being overcharged?

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Transfer to HOSTNESTA from another hosting company: We will help you with moving your website files, images, emails and databases to your new hosting account with us. You get over 50% Discount Off for your web hosting transfer orders! Making the weight and tasks lighter so that you can settle in.

  • - Free domain transfers.
  • - Free transfer; Files, Database, Emails & Forwarders.
  • - No downtime required.
  • - We deal with data migration, so you don’t have to.
  • - 50% Off, allowing you time to settle in.
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Got questions? Well, we've got answers.

Are you sick and tired of your current host. It is very natural to switch host. Businesses regularly move from one hosting company to another. There are a lot of reasons that will make someone migrate the website from one hosting company to another.

No matter the reasons, maybe downtime, lack of support, security, all migration procedures are thesame.

Whether your are relatively new to the web or a seasoned website guru, the idea of transferring your website to a new host can seem daunting. However, the process is actually very straight-forward and can be accomplished by anyone who can strike keys on a keyboard. And we are here to help you every step of the way. Our friendly tech support team is here to assist you through any speedbumps you may encounter along the way and we provide complete step-by-step guides to help walk you through the process.

There are two primary methods with which to transfer: using cPanel tools, or a manual transfer via FTP. If you are currently with a cPanel host, take advantage of cPanel's simplified migration process. If you are not coming from a cPanel host, moving your site files is still as easy to do as ever. Why pay a professional to do something you can easily do for yourself?

Indeed, we do give a free domain a web hosting plan. When you order an annual hosting plan you also get FREE domain transfer.

Please provide both Hosting and Domain control panel details to us after you have bought web hosting with us. Very Important: Ensure that both all the control panel credentials are working correctly.

We try our level best to transfer without downtime. In most of the cases the transfer will happen without downtime, But unfortunately sometimes there will be some downtime. Please check with our senior technical resource.

Yes, We transfer your web hosting, if it is less than few GB. If your website hosting data is more than 3 or 4 GB, please consult with our technical team. If you are having more than 4 GB data we recommend you to take care of the Hosting Transfer.

Transferring content and initiating the domain name transfers will be processed Monday to Friday, 8am until 4pm (excluding public holidays). Then the domain name transfer is initiated – this process can take anywhere from 1 day to 5 days dependant on the domain name admin allowing the transfer.

We will be migrating customer zone data as part of the migration, followed by re-delegation to Netregistry’s nameservers.

If your domain name is registered through HostNesta: no action is required by you and there is no downtime expected.

If your domain name is not registered through HostNesta: you will need to update the nameservers for your domain name to avoid downtime. We will provide you with information about this as part of the migration process.

Here’s what happens during the period when we perform your migration.

Step 1: Backup your existing site and transfer the backup to the new web host. If you have a large website, it may take longer.

Step 2: Rebuild and test your website on the new web host. In certain cases, we need the web host’s help and their response time will add to the time required to complete the migration.

Step 3: Update the domain settings to let the internet know that the website has moved. Because of the size of the internet, this process (called DNS propagation) can take up to 48 hours itself. While the domain changes are propagating, the website is in limbo and may be loading from the new host OR old host.

As you can see, some of the steps rely on 3rd parties that we can’t control. However, we anticipate and plan for these factors to manage that as best we can.

You will be migrated to a Shared Hosting service Plan that best matches your current price and features:

All your websites, hosted files and databases.

Our migrations team arranges the account setup, billing and data migration; ensuring a smooth transition to HostNesta.com. We will be in contact with you throughout the migration period.