In 2001, Uniastrum Bank launched its money transfer system UNIStream. 4 years later, when the annual turnover was reaching 1 billion dollars, a decision was made to turn UNIStream into a full-fledged independent business. In 2006, this transfer system was officially registered under the name “CB Unistream”, and, as of now, this system is one of the top 5 money transfer systems in the world.

Headquartered in Moscow. More than 300 000 UNISTream service points are spread across more than 100 countries. UNISTream is partnered with more than 400 financial institutions.

Having a bank account is not required to send transfers, all you need to do in this case is fill out the paperwork and show your ID. For the sake of security, every transfer is backed by a unique code that the recipient has to say in order to claim their transfer.

UNISTream money E-wallet is a handy tool that allows making payments and transfers anytime and anywhere. Users can send money transfers that will be received in cash at UNISTream offices, transfer money to bank cards or accounts, or other wallets; pay for services provided by more than 900 companies, including cellular network providers; pay for utility, television, internet access and online services.

Low fees and fast transfers. Service points all across the globe. Addressed and unaddressed transfers (address is not required when making unaddressed transfers, city is enough; specific destination is required when making addressed transfers).

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