Perfect Money

Payment service provider Perfect Money was founded in 2007 in Panama and has an office in Zurich, Switzerland. PM users can register a multicurrency account denominated in U.S. dollars, euros or gold. Although depositing money with PM is easy, its dependability is questioned.

Having a PM account, you can pay in other electronic currencies and have payments processed automatically. The lowest account balance level allowed is $1000, and you can earn up to 4% of your referrals’ transactions monthly. Perfect Money uses many methods of attracting users. It offers partner bonuses, gives discounts and awards to its clients for participating in the PM referral system. It also gives special bonuses to the most active customers.

Depending on the currency, there are U accounts (for dollars), E accounts (for euros) and G accounts (for gold). There are numerous ways of transferring money: banks, online currency exchangers, ATMs, SMS deposits, Chinese debit cards, e-Vouchers and other payment methods. But it’s impossible to revese a transaction that has already been processed. PM offers their customers prepaid cards that can be used to pay in online shops and convenience stores. It is more beneficial than using bank transfers and credit cards.

There are business accounts (for corporations) and personal accounts (for private individuals). Customers are divided into three categories: a regular customer uses the service at the elementary level, a premium customer should have an activity spanning more than a year with a balance exceeding the minimum level. This status should be applied for, and if your application is accepted, you start paying lower fees: 2% for bank transfers, plus an annual interest reaching 8%. You can get better conditions for your business, but your partner status must be first approved by Perfect Money. In addition to your main account, you can have up to 6 secondary accounts. They are mainly used for email correspondence and are absolutely free.

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