Paypal Payments

﷐Paypal is a popular online payment system with millions of users around the world. More and more web hosting companies are accepting Paypal. Paypal provides a convenient method for webmasters to pay for the web hosting subscriptions.

PayPal is a service that allows you to send and receive payments online using email addresses. They're the world's largest online payment services company. PayPal is a private company and is not legally classified as a bank in all countries, but as a payment intermediary, so regulations apply somewhat differently to PayPal than to traditional banks. Paypal payments. You may want to take advantage of our prices as we offer the cheapest web hosting services. Start your own website for as low as $0.50 per month, reseller hosting for aas little as $3.99/month, VPS hosting for just $6.99/month. Domain Names registration starting at $0.99/year.

All of our web hosting plans can be paid for using your PayPal account. Once you've chosen a web hosting plan, simply place your order and choose PayPal as your payment method on the payment information screen. At the end of the web hosting order process, you will be shown a PayPal payment button which will take you straight to the PayPal website. You will need to follow the process until your payment has been made to complete your order for web hosting.

Once you've signed up, you'll receive an invoice email each month/quarter/year depending on your chosen billing cycle. This invoice contains a short link enabling you to pay for your web hosting plan with PayPal quickly and easily. Clicking the link takes you to the PayPal website with all payment information pre-completed, you simply need to log in and click "Pay".

If you have any questions about paying for web hosting with PayPal, or if we can help in any way, please don't hesitate to contact us. Otherwise we look forward to welcoming you as a new web hosting customer!

Why Paypal Payments?

Yes, does take payments for web hosting, VPS, or Dedicated Server accounts via Paypal when approved management. The options are not included on order forms, however you can make payments via PayPal. The address to send funds to will be forwarded to you, and these payments will be processed normally within 24 to 48 business hours after the payment is sent. Keep in mind that Paypal restrictions may apply, including the amount that you are allowed to send in one transaction based upon the level of account you have.

PayPal is known to be one of the best, safest, and most trusted payment systems when it comes to online banking. This can be seen in the continued use not just by but also by other web hosting companies.

Site owners and account holders can also hide their credit information under PayPal. This is to ensure that your credit information is kept safe and secure, especially when the use of credit cards is believed to increase the danger of unknown persons acquiring sensitive information.

But despite these, there are a few minor downsides to the use of PayPal as an payment method. This is the fact that you are authorizing the company to automatically pay for the recurring fees from your registered PayPal account. You will only be able to see the deductions when you check your PayPal transactions on a regular basis.