Paymer stands for “Payment order” and offers an easy way to make money transfers and payments online. The overwhelming advantage of Paymer is that it can be used to make payments online as well as in real life. Thanks to Paymer checks, you can make instant payments as Paymer checks can be used anytime and anywhere you want.

In order to pay with Paymer, all you have to do is send your Paymer details (number and code) to the merchant. Whether you do it via phone, email, Skype, in person or any other way of communication, your payment is complete right after the merchant receives the number and code.

The service is secure with sophisticated encryption technologies and guarantees absolute personal data protection and privacy. Paymer is very affordable due to its low initial fees that are charged just once. Whenever you create a Paymer check, a 1% fee is charged and the check is never taxed again. It means that when you receive, send or redeem a Paymer check you don’t pay any other fees.

Paymer’s customer support service will be glad to help and answer your questions 24/7.

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