Paymer Payments

﷐The Paymer service ( is the name of a software and hardware system designed to manage payments in the form of electronic bearer checks and forms a part of the WebMoney system. In other words, the system provides a gift card card which is similar to Perfect Money e-voucher, allowing you to top-up your WebMoney account without having to have a bank account. In this article, I will explain the mechanism of this system, how it can be used, and how to buy Paymer WebMoney.

The Paymer Service provides issuing, endorsing, dividing, unifying, and storing voucher cards for WebMoney. As a digital payment method, a Paymer check has specific characteristics, including the following:

- This card can be issued physically and virtually. - Contains numbers and codes with different lengths. - These voucher cards can be used only in WebMoney system. - These vouchers are offered at $10, $20, $50, $100, and $200.

Paymer is WebMoney bearer check issuer

Before we go into details on the Paymer service, it is better to first introduce its umbrella term which is WebMoney. WebMoney is an international payment system that was launched in 1988 for money transfers. You can transfer money through your WebMoney account to other people around the world. You can also make online payments for websites that support WebMoney. To create a WebMoney account you do not need any bank or credit card. Buy having a WebMoney account, you can buy from over 100 online stores and service providers.

Now if you want to transfer part of the credit in your WebMoney account to someone else, or even top-up your account without having a bank account, you can use Paymer WebMoney.
A Paymer card contains two codes and can be stored anywhere such as your personal computer. You can send these codes to anyone. You can also print them out or use them to buy from stores that accept WebMoney as a method of payment.

Benefits of using Paymer WebMoney

The Paymer service has many benefits and that is why many users choose to use this voucher card for their payments. Some of its advantages are outlined below:

Lower costs – Without the need to pay for WebMoney transaction fees, you can either redeem a Paymer card in your WebMoney account or use it to pay for goods or services online. Faster transactions – Paymer system is designed in a way that is able to handle transactions in a few seconds. After payment, it is also possible to track and check the transaction and the time it was received. Ease of use – Without the need to have a WebMoney account, you can transfer funds to other people without the need to pay transaction fee. Only the receiver must have a WebMoney account.

What does Paymer WebMoney offer?

paymer voucher

Verify – If you have a Paymer voucher card and you want to check the accuracy of your information (for example, its balance), you can enter the number and code in this section. Change Number & Code – You can use this section of the Paymer website if you want to change your code and number for any reason.anonymous people.
Split – If you want to use your voucher in several steps, you can divide it into several sections with different amounts.
Merge – Unlike the Split function, you can use the Merge function to merge some of your voucher cards into one card.
Redeem – In this section, you can top-up your WebMoney account using your Paymer voucher card.
New Issue – You can use this section to create a new Paymer card. You will need to have a verified WebMoney account for this option.