What's a fair price for hosting?

Started by Administrator, Apr 30, 2022, 04:31 AM

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What's a fair price for for a general web hosting account? This is the question posed by longtime WHTer Jose. So far the replies have all come from other hosts, some wanting more details before committing to a reply, some giving example pricing plans, others wanting to expand on the plan specifics and how they would affect pricing. What's noticeable up to now is the lack of hosting customers replying, which is a pity because this thread seems to be an opportunity for you to have your say. What features would you pay for? What features don't you want, the removal of which might reduce the price you pay? Are there other factors affecting pricing that you feel should be taken into account? Perhaps your location? Can different parts of the world accept higher prices than others? This looks like a great thread for hosts and customers to get together and help to shape future hosting plans and pricing. Have your say!