FasaPay is a fast and safe online payment system service, that is emerge as an excellent alternative among other similar service in the internet. With our services, every internet users who become an our member are allowed to do online transactions to sites who accept FasaPay direct manner for 24/7.

FasaPay is Fast, for all kind of transactions are processed immediately right after necessary data are verified. And with addition of features like SCI/IPN and API, FasaPay merchant will be able to develop business processes become automated which will greatly shift all transactions process to be faster and easier. FasaPay also uses dedicated server to ensure its rapid data transfers and uptime quality.

FasaPay is Safe, data transfers between users and FasaPay is encrypted using AES-256 High-grade Encryptes. This means only FasaPay able to read all data being sent to FasaPay. In terms of data backup, FasaPay uses dedicated server with HARDWARE RAID technology that ensures the safety of client’s data since the confidential and important data will be stored in multiple hard drives.

To emphasize our lines, the aforementioned dedicated server is greatly improve both FasaPay’s processing speed and guarantee of safety.

The Goal

FasaPay’s goal is to provide an easy to do online transactions in fast pace, and also to ensure every and each transactions safety by integrating strong encryption. Thus, FasaPay wants to be known as a very reliable online payment system.

The Benefits

As a fast and safe online payment system, FasaPay offers online transaction services on regular basis:

  • Online Shopping Payments, instant fund transfers and payment receive in safe manner using FasaPay SCI.
  • 24/7 accessible Transaction History.
  • Transaction Fee 0.5% (lower than any credit card interests).
  • API Integration (implementable with any third party software).
  • Afiliation System. Members will get 10% comission from referals’ transactions.
  • Verified Members. The accuracy of FasaPay Members information are guaranteed to be exact with the actual person.

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